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Improve More Than Just Your English Skills

Learn The Language Of Leaders

The Words And Phrases That One Uses Reflect One’s Level Of Intelligence — and often-times — one’t political or social agenda.  Most traditional English textbooks and lessons are written BY average people FOR average people…  So using that language will make you appear to be…  Average.

(Re)-Learn English That Reflects Your Level Of Intelligence & Your Uniqueness.

The Promises

Learn The Language Of Leaders…

The Words And Phrases That One Uses Reflect Whether Or Not That Person Is A Leader, Or Simply A Follower.  Most People Are Followers;  You Can Tell By The Language They Use.  Here We Learn “The Language Of Leaders”.  And We Learn To Identify The What Language NOT To Use.

No “Politically-Correct” BullShit!

Nearly All Of The Language Used Today Reflects Some Underlying Agenda Or Motive — Or Worse — Actually Means NOTHING At All!  This is Especially True In The Corporate World.  And The Rest Of The World Has Had Just About ENOUGH Of It!  There Will Be None Of That Rubbish In My Lessons.

Language For Your Level Of Intelligence

The Words & Phrases That One Uses Reflect One’s Level Of Intelligence.  Unfortunately, The People Who Write Traditional English Lessons & Text-Books Dumb-Down Their Lessons Even MORE, Because They Think That You Won’t Understand Them.  But I Trust That You Can Handle A Challenge.

Learn Language That Is Actually Beneficial For YOU!

If You Have Ever Had A Traditional English Lesson — Then You Know That The People Who Write Lessons About Various Topics Are NOT Professionals In Those Areas.  So The Lessons Are Boring And Stupid.  I Will Provide You With Language That Is Beneficial To YOUR Needs…  (Not what the text-book writers Think you need.)

No HR Department!

| "Get Yer Ass To Class!!!"

  • I have met some nice people who worked IN HR.  But in my 10+ years of teaching English — I have never met anyone who likes working WITH HR
  • There Is No HR Department In My Company!!!
  • It’s Only Me 😉
"Get Yer Ass To Class!!!"

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