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Learn The Language Of Leaders

The Words & Phrases That You Use Reflect Your Level Of Intelligence, And Very-Often Give Clues About You That You May Not Want Others To Know Or To Think About You.  (Especially If It Is Not True!)


Knowing That The Above Is True…

If you learn English from someone who has a lower level of intelligence than you — and possibly a completely different belief-system & set of ideals than you…  Then you are learning English that reflects THEIR level of intelligence;  English that expresses THEIR beliefs & ideologies…  not Yours!

Most traditional English textbooks & lessons are written BY average people FOR average people.  So using that language will make you appear to be — at best…  Average.  😐

Most traditional English teachers are young people with very-little Life experience, and no real knowledge about the TRUE meaning & PROPER usage of the words & phrases that they “teach”…  They are simply doing a “job”…  (and often, not very well.)

(Re)-Learn English That Reflects YOUR Level Of Intelligence, And Which Is An Expression Of How YOU Want To Present Yourself To The World — Based On Your Own Unique Set Of Values & Principles…

Learn From Someone Who Truly Knows & Comprehends The English Language & Human Communication (and Psychology) Better Than Anyone Else In The ESL World.

My Philosophy & Promises To You

Learn The Language Of Leaders…

The Words & Phrases That You Use Reflect Whether Or Not You Are A Leader, Or A Follower.  Most People Are Followers;  You Can Tell By The Language That They Use.  I Will Teach You “The Language Of Leaders”.  And To Identify What Language You Should NOT To Use (if you want to express your leadership to The World).

Language That Is Actually Beneficial For YOU!

If You Have Ever Had A Traditional English Lesson — Especially A “Business English” Lesson — Then You Know That The People Who Write Those Lessons Are NOT Professionals In Those Particular Fields.  So The Lessons End-Up Being Boring, Stupid, & Essentially Useless.  I Will Provide You With Language That Is Beneficial To YOUR Needs…  (Not What Some Text-Book Writer Thinks That You Need.)

Language For Your Level Of Intelligence

The Words & Phrases That You Use Also Reflect Your Level Of Intelligence.  The People Who Teach Traditional English Classes “Dumb-Down” Their Lessons Even MORE Than They Already Are In The Text-Books — Because They Think That You Won’t Be Able To Understand Them…  I Trust That You Can Handle A Challenge.

Absolutely NO “Politically-Correct” BullShit!

Nearly All Of The Language That People Use Today Reflects Some Underlying Agenda Or Ideology.  Or — It Just Means NOTHING AT ALL!  (What I Refer To As “HR Language” or “Corporate Speak”).  Well…  The Rest Of The World Has Had Just About ENOUGH Of It!  (Even if they are still afraid to admit it!)  There Will Be None Of That Rubbish In Our Lessons (unless I am educating you on what it REALLY means — and why you should NOT use it)!

No HR Department Or


(to complicate things)

| "Get Yer Ass To Class!!!"

Throughout my many years of teaching English — I have met plenty of very nice people who worked IN HR.  But I have not met very many people who like working WITH HR.  And the same is true with the Administration at most Language Schools.


But There Is No HR Department Or Administration In My Company

It’s Just Me  😉

"Get Yer Ass To Class!!!"

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