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Brought to you by the same people (well... person) who came up with the infamous and ever-so-effective "Pub-Class", and Who (though severely dis-liked by all administrators who have had the pleasure [or "dis"-pleasure] of hiring him) is loved by (nearly) all of his current and former students... (And I don't mean the guy in the picture above.)

I Mean This Guy!!!

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Men & Women: On Marriage

November 12, 2017

People’s views on Marriage differ quite extensively:  from decade to decade, and from one culture to the next.  This lesson takes a look at some of these views and ideas on marriage, expectations, and how Men and Women Relate To each other.

Who Are You?

July 28, 2017

Speaking in any language is first & fore-most about communication.  The first thing that a person (usually) needs to do is communicate about “Who” He or She “Is”.  This is more than just telling one’s name and profession.  This lesson is about communicating “Who You REALLY Are” — in both One’s private & professional life…

Why GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! Is Better

Because I Am Not Trying To "Re-Invent The Wheel"

First of all, "Better" is an opinion. It is only "Better" if it works for You.

  • "Learning Paths" Do Not Serve The Learner

    Nearly all language schools (both Traditional & On-Line) are plagued with administrators who feel the need to invent teaching methods, practices, and philosophies which mean absolutely nothing to the student/learner. They only serve the egos of those administrators and give them an excuse to charge more for the classes.

  • Learning English Should Be Natural

    Humans do not learn their own language by following some pseudo-scientific path of achievement. We learn it by USING IT. Here, We follow the natural method.

  • Lessons Created By "Robots"

    If you have ever bought an English text-book or taken an on-line course (else-where), then you have probably noticed that the English in those lessons was not authentic. The language used, though it may be grammatically correct, is not the way that REAL Humans communicate. Here, I write all the lessons - and that's why I know that they are both Real & Authentic.

  • My Philosophy: "Good Enough" is NEVER Good Enough

    Another terrible trend in The English Language (as a whole) is the acceptance of poor grammar and in-correct usage of words. Though this may be "acceptable" to the mindless masses (un-fortunately including those running most language schools) this will NEVER be "good enough" here.

  • Learning Un-Intelligent English Makes One Sound Un-Intelligent

    The age of "Political Correctness" & "Participation Trophies" has given us a world of people who are afraid to say what they actually think, and think that anything challenging might cause one to be discouraged. Because of this, nearly all English lessons (elsewhere) are written at a level-of-intelligence that is far-below that of the person learning it - and they use language of those who are not leaders, but mind-less followers... Not here.

  • Assuming That You Are Automatically Challenged

    There is a terrible myth that learning English is "Very Difficult", "Challenging", "Tricky", Etc... (As if that was a "Bad" thing.) This is why the text-books & lessons are written at such a low level. But what's worse is that many teachers speak to grown-adults as if they were babies (when those students are probably more intelligent than the teacher.)..... The only assumption that I will ever make of You..... Is that You are an Intelligent Individual Who Is Ready For The Challenge..... (Otherwise why would you even be here?)

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What Makes Us Way More Awesome Than "The Other Guys"?

A Philosphy That Works / Tools That Work / A Website That Works

  • Natural Communication

    The purpose of a language is to be able to communicate.  Therefore, your lesson should be structured to do just that (not just go through exercises and answer questions).  Here we actually communicate...  That's the way it's supposed to be right?

  • Media Worth Watching

    Lessons contain media that will actually be relevant & helpful.  I will never post any media in a lesson unless I can personally guarantee that it is up to the standards of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!...  (and that's pretty high) ;)

  • Intriguing Lesson Content

    Why do you think I went to all the trouble to make this site!?!?  Because the lesson content at all the other sites, and in all the other text-books SUCK!!!...  But not here...  The Lessons here are "Rockin' Like Dokken!!!" ;)

  • Available On Mobile Devices

    Mobile apps don't always work.  Many websites look terrible on Phones and Tablets.  But at least your lessons will always look clean and you will be able to read them on whatever device that you want to access them with.

  • A Website That Actually Works!!!

    "If It Ain't Broke, Then Don't Fix It!" - Other companies seem to be addicted to constantly changing their systems, making it unbearable for both teacher & student...  That's not going to happen here.  Our system works, and it will continue to work.

  • Communication Methods That Actually Work!!!

    Basically Microsoft completely ruined Skype...  (That was their plan all along, I'm sure)  We use an Open-Source Alternative that not only works, but is developed by an ethically driven company...  (Not like Microsoft...  They fuckin' suck!)

  • Built And Run On WordPress

    I've been using WordPress for over ten years.  It works, it's Open-Source, and if there is a problem with the site, I'm the one who fixes it...  Not some frustrated IT worker who is too busy with other things to address your issue.

  • Use PayPal For All Purchases

    Although they are not Open-Source and I don't really know about the ethics of the company, they are a trusted and secure way to pay for things on-line.  Paypal and Credit Card info goes directly to them, no payment information is retrieved or store here.