Identity, Persona, And Who You REALLY Are.

Identity, Persona, And Who You REALLY Are.

  • Identity – (Abstract Noun):  A term used to refer to the qualities and/or characteristics that makes one an idividual; unique from others.  Usually referring to:  Name & Profession (but in this lesson we shall see that there is much more to it than that.)


  • Persona – (Abstract Noun):  A term which is similar to persona, but which is used to refer more to one’s unique characteristics, and personality traits – rather than simply:  one’s name and what they “do for a living”.


  • (To) “Do (Something) For A Living”:  This is an idiomatic verb-phrase which is used to refer to what one does to obtain the financial (or other) necessities of life; (usually) one’s Job or Profession.  This can also refer to simply what one spends most of his or her time doing, as long as that activity provides an income or some sort of “sustenance”.


  • Sustenance – (Abstract/ Concrete Noun):  This term can be either Abstract — referring generally to the things which “sustain” someone (Food, Love, One’s Favorite TV Show, etc.);  or Concrete — referring, specifically, to the very thing which is “sustaining” that one (A Bowl Of Curry, One’s Cat Curled-Up In One’s Lap, The next episode of “Game Of Thrones”, etc.)…  (But usually this term is used to refer to food and the other basic necessities of life.)

“So What’s Your Story?”

If one were to ask just about any “normal” person in the world, “Who are you?” — That person would usually respond by giving his or her name, quickly followed by whatever his or her job is, and what company he or she works for.  But is this really all that we are?  (Hopefully your answer is a very hasty and confident, “No!”.)

Think about “Who You Are”…  Not just your name; not just your current job-title; but about “Who You REALLY Are”.  What are the most important things in your life?  Who are the most important people in your life?  What do you like to do when you “don’t have to do anything at all”?  And what do you think about in your most quiet and intimate moments?

If one were to ask any four-year-old child, “Who Are You?” — that child might say, “I’m (insert any name), and I’m 4!” (while awkwardly holding up four fingers, and at the same time, trying to hide his or her thumb).  Then that child might proceed to tell you all about what-ever was just going through his or her head right before asking the question.  Or maybe that child would tell you about his or her:  Dog/Brother/Sister/Mom/Dad/Best Friend/Favorite Toy…  The most important things to that child.

So What Happened?

Are our job-titles REALLY the most important things in our lives?  Are they “Who We Are”?

For some lucky people “what they do” IS the most important things in their lives.  And let’s hope that that is the case for all the right reasons (i.e. because that person is doing what he or she TRULY Loves).

Unfortunately for far too many, this is not the case.  But that doesn’t mean that it should change “Who We Are”.

What are the most important things in YOUR life?  Do you think that those things make you who YOU are?

It happens quite often that, after giving his name, a very happy and well-adjusted person may introduce himself as a:  “Proud Father to (insert number of children) children, and faithful husband to a beautiful wife.”  (And the reverse for a woman in the same situation.)

So Why Isn’t That The Case For More Of Us?

What makes YOU who YOU are?  Is it your job, your husband/wife — boy-friend/girl-friend; your pet; your hobby?  Or is it some deeper passion that those of whom you work with (or even your best friends) do not even know about?

If you were to meet someone who said to you:  “Tell me about yourself”  or  “So what’s your story?”…  What would you say?  Would you have something different to say for various different situations?  And, maybe even more importantly…  what WOULDN’T you say?

“Who Are You, REALLY?”


(And if, for some reason, you feel like you “can’t” be who you REALLY are…  Be Groot!)