Vocabulary & Lexis

Now Is The REALLY Fun Part!!!

It’s time to figure out what all of those words and phrases in “Bold Print” mean…  or are referring to…

(which are two very different things…  regardless of what your other teachers have told you.)

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  • Review
  • In the clause:  "...religious values have greatly eroded..." - the word "eroded" means the same as...

  • In the context of the article, the word "Institution" is referring to...

  • In the clause:  "...There is no such thing as “A Good Wife” or “A Good Husband” — per se..." -- the term "per se" is most similar to...

  • Why would a Credulous woman and  A Pathological Liar be a good match?

  • (to) Make Up (One's) Mind is essentially the same thing as, (to) Make A Decision.

  • (To Be) Barred From (Something) is a Metaphorical Phrasal-Verb meaning:  (To Be) Restricted From (Something)

  • How would you explain the difference between "Complementary" and "Complimentary"?  (You can use your dictionary if you need to.)

  • The clause, "...people who are very fond of their stomachs..." is idiomatically and sarcastically referring to...

  • A person who is "Radiantly Intelligent" and "Witty" is a person who...

  • (To) End Up (With Some Result) Is...

  • What Is A "Trophy-Wife"?

  • A "Trope" Is...

  • What Does It Mean To "Jump Into" Something?

  • A Person Described As A "Suitable Mate" Is:  A Man Who Looks Good In A Suit

  • In The Clause:  "...and then “Happily Ever After” may not be such a fairy tale after all..."  the term "Fairy Tale" is referring to...