What Is This All About?

The Name “Get Yer Ass To Class!!!” Must Be Some Kind Of Joke, Right?
No.  Not At All…  Read On To Find Out Why

Why The Name?

“Get Yer Ass To Class!!!”  was something I would say to my conversation-class students when I lived in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.  It was done (jokingly) in a serious tone, but the classes were held at a local pub.  So although I WAS serious…  I was being serious about learning English in a very fun way.

And all of my “Pub-Class” students told me that they learned a LOT more during our “Pub-Classes” than they ever did in their classes at the local language school…  And, they REMEMBERED what they learned  😉

Bonus Awesome!  —  When a person is actually having fun, they “forget” that they are learning.  Which means that they remove all of the un-necessary barriers that silly humans create when they are TRYING to learn something.  That is why it is said that children learn so much more when they are very young.  It is because they are focused more on having fun…  not on “learning”.  And then, what is learned is actually REMEMBERED!!!  😉

What About The Lessons?

Clearly this is not “Pub Class”.  And not every lesson will be “Fun”…  Not exactly.  But they will, at the very least, be entertaining — or perhaps even enlightening.  Have you ever had an English lesson with a topic that was actually interesting?…  Or even…  Useful?  Of course, it does happen.  But in the traditional language learning environments, (and with traditional English text-books) it is definitely a rarity.  My lessons are NOT “traditional”.

(and that’s why most of my students prefer them to that of any other teacher’s)

Notice!  —  If you are the type of person that thrives in a traditional school setting, where you are not concerned about why the things that the teacher says are true (or even if they ARE true or not)…  And you are not really concerned about having things explained to you…  Instead, you would rather just let the teacher tell you, “That’s just the way it is”…  And you don’t care that the teacher is NOT telling you very important information, simply because they don’t think that you will understand it (but probably because THEY don’t understand it)…  If that is you…  Well then my style of teaching is probably NOT for you.  But if you want a teacher who will actually explain WHY things are the way they are…  A teacher who is an expert in his field…  Well Then…

“Get Yer Ass To Class!!!”

Notice!  — The video below was originally made to explain why I started my YouTube channel.  But it also — very-well — explains my style of teaching, and gives you an introduction to my personality and my philosophy about teaching in general…  If you think that we would be a good fit…  Perfect!  If not…  So be it.  😎 

Guiding Principles

These Are The Guiding Principles That I Base My Business Upon

Arrogant Administrators - Get Yer Ass To Class!!!


Most Administrators At Language Schools Forget That The Student Is Actually Their Customer!  And Because Of This They Treat Their Customers Very Poorly…

I Will Treat You With
The Respect That You Deserve

Frustrated Student - Get Yer Ass To Class!!!


Most Lesson Material Used In Traditional English Lessons Is Completely Irrelevant To The Student’s Needs (And Is Often Filled With MANY Mistakes)…

I Will Ensure That You Receive
The Quality You Pay For

| "Get Yer Ass To Class!!!"


Many ESL Teachers Are Still Kids Who Don’t Think Of Teaching English As A “Real” Job, So  They Often Cancel Late, Or Simply Don’t Show Up At All…

I Will Be An Example Of
The Integrity That You Expect

My Students

My students are those who have Strong MoralsA Strong WILL  – Who have an Above-Average IQ & at least an intermediate level of English – Those who are NOT typical Mindless “Sheep” or “NPC”s who are offended by reality…

My Students Are Those Who Want To Learn English That Reflects Their Morals, WILL, & Level Of Intelligence

My Mission

To Be The Absolute ELITE In The World Of English Language Instruction — “To Offer The Very Best, TO The Very Best” — And In This Process — To BE The Very Best At What I Do.

My Vision

To Positively Effect So Many People Through The Way That I Teach English — That The Way The English language Is Comprehended Overall — Is Completely Revised And Renewed.

I have been teaching English for over ten years — to people of all ages — who come from various different backgrounds — who work in many different fields of Business & Industry — in more than 30 countries around The World…

I have worked in every type of Traditional English Language School, and Corporate On-line “English Learning Platform”…

I Know What I Am Doing…

I Know That I Can Help You…

Contact Details

For Time Reference — I am located in the EEST Time Zone (GMT +2)

If You Send Me A Message — I will respond at my earliest convenience

My Business Is Online
(there is no office you can visit)

I Do Not Use Whatsapp
(Inquiries Are Answered By Email)

Let Me Know How I Can Best Help You

Are You Interested In Learning, Improving, & Refining Your English Knowledge & Skills?

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"Get Yer Ass To Class!!!"

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