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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about “Get Yer Ass To Class!!!” and the services that we will be providing here — then those questions are probably below.  If not — just ask.  😉

General Questions

What Is This All About?

“Get Yer Ass To Class!!!” Is Your On-Line Classroom For GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!.  If you want to learn, Improve, and Refine Your English Skills — then you have come to the right place.  Learn more on the About Page.

Who Is This For?

These courses will be for anyone who wants to Learn, Improve, and Refine his or her English skills.

But the lessons will mostly be between what is commonly thought-of as Intermediate to Advanced levels.

But one of the things that I show all my students is that the traditional way of thinking about the levels:  “Basic”, “Beginners”, “Intermediate”, & “Advanced” — is all wrong.

But to comprehend the lessons that you will find here — then you should have AT LEAST an Intermediate Level of English.

Why Don't I See Any Courses?

We are still creating the courses and lessons.  They will be added as they are created.  While we are building the site up, the courses & lessons will be made available for free, so you can decide if you want to continue when we launch the full service.

Do You Provide Any Certificates?

I CAN provide a certificate if you really want it.  But it won’t be like the certificates that you would get at a traditional language school.

This is because almost all traditional language schools are accredited by some major university.  So those certificates show that you have learned English the way that THEY think you should know it.

But what I show you in my lessons is just how wrong they are in their approach is to nearly everything about the language and learning it.

If the way that THEY think you should learn it is so good — then why are so many traditional teachers constantly saying that learning English is difficult.  It is NOT difficult if you have the right teacher. 

Because of this — any certificate I provide will probably not count for much if you are trying to use it to get into a university.  But I am happy to provide one if you still want it.

Will There Be Any Other Classes Besides English Classes?

I guarantee that you will ALWAYS learn something more than just English when you have a lesson with me.  It is not possible to have a good English lesson without learning something more than language skills…  If that is not the case, then it is not a good lesson.

But more specifically — there will be courses in other things besides Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, & Conversation Skills.  But all the courses will be language oriented.  At least in the beginning.

When Will You Start Adding Courses?

I will add courses as soon as I finish the structural elements of this site.  And I will make those first lessons available for free, until I have enough lessons that makes it worth someone’s money to pay for them.

So getting started here early is a good idea!  Then you can sample the courses & lessons for free and even give me feedback on what is good, what is not — and what I should add more or less of in the future.  😉

How Will This Service Be Structured?

“Get Yer Ass To Class!!!” is part of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!.  I have many sub-domains of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! that cover the different aspects of the language.  I used to only use those sites as a resource for my students when I worked for a company where-in I had to give reports after each session.

This service will be structured in the same way.  But instead of me using my knowledge & skills, and my sites for the benefit of some other company — I will be doing that all myself.

You will come here to have self-guided independent lessons with quizzes & assignments.  Or you may choose to have a live session with me where-in we are actually speaking to each other, either through video or audio chat.

Then for each of those lessons you will have links to other resources that are within the “GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! Multi-Verse”.

And then, of course, hopefully you will tell everyone YOU know to have classes here, and I will then be able to expand and grow and make everything much better at a quicker rate.

(but I will never become a corporation with an HR Department and a Board Of Directors.  Yuck!)

Why Do You Have This Site Up If It Is Not-Yet Ready?

Because, at this time, I am a one-man operation and this is the easiest and best way to do it.  I am not a developer, but I have written every word that you see on every one of my sites, and I have done all the designing that you see on every page.  And I will be the one who is writing all of the lessons that you see here as well.

Also — because having this site up while I build the whole thing gives me an opportunity to find:  Students, People Who Want To Become Founding Members, Other Teachers (for when I am forced to expand, and anyone else who may want to and be able to help.

If you are ANY of those — Send Me A Message

About Our Services

Grammar Lessons

Grammar Lessons are best done on one’s own with exercises and quizzes — as well as showing real-world examples of how and when to use the various forms of grammar.

Vocabulary Lessons

Vocabulary Lessons are best done on one’s own with exercises and quizzes — as well as showing real-world examples of how and when to use the various vocabulary from the lesson.

Pronunciation Lessons

Pronunciation Lessons CAN be done on one’s own with videos & audio files — but the best way is to combine that with Conversational Lessons.

The Conversational Lesson will not be only about Pronunciation(That would be boring!!!)  😀  But in all of the Conversational Lessons that you will have here — The Teacher will point-out and correct any pronunciation errors that you make and then lead you to other resources you can use to help you improve.

Conversational Lessons

Conversational Lessons — are the best way to incorporate what you learn on your own in the self-guided Grammar, Vocabulary, & Pronunciation Lessons.

They are also great for bringing your own questions about some phrase that you heard, or how to say something specific, or what I refer to as “Situational English”.

Situational English

“Situational English” is the term I use to mean:  Learning how to use words & phrases in specific situations — and then figuring-out how to say exactly what you want in a grammatically-correct form.  As well as the converse to that:  learning what OTHERS mean by what they say in those situations.

This way of learning English is the closest to the natural way that a person learn their own native language.  And because of this — in my opinion — it is the best way to learn.


This also happens to be the complete OPPOSITE of the “traditional” way of teaching English — where-in you have a book full of grammar that they determine to be of a certain “level”.  Then you are taught pieces of that grammar in a complete disjointed (non -organized) way — with supposed “real life” examples to show how the grammar is used.

However those “real life” examples seem to be written by people who have never really experience “real life” are almost never authentic.  Thus — the lesson is almost painful to get through.

No wonder they constantly say that learning English is “Difficult”.  They have MADE it that way!  😆

"Get Yer Ass To Class!!!"

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