We are still getting the courses together.  They will be added as they are created.  Until we have added enough courses, access to them will be FREE!

One-On-One Sessions are still paid, but at a discounted rate, until we have more options for lesson material available.  Book Your Session Here.

There are three ways to use The “Get Yer Ass To Class!!!” System.

1.  You can schedule a One-Time On-Line Session and have access to the entire library of lessons from the time that you schedule, to the time of your session – (presently discounted while we populate the library)

2.  You can subscribe to the website – (paid monthly or yearly) – and have access to the entire library of lessons, as-well-as receive a discount on One-Time Sessions.

3.  You can choose a subscription plan that includes between 1-4 One-On-One Sessions per month – including having access to the entire library of lessons.

4.  You can choose one of our full courses  – like any of the “TOEFL Excellence” courses or other Exam Preparation Courses (Coming Soon!)
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