Group English Lessons

Lessons With Assigned Materials At Assigned Days & Times

The Group Lessons Are Designed Work On All Four English Skills:  Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing.  And Allow You To The Degree That You Feel Comfortable.

The Groups Are Small, So That Everyone Can Still Engage.  And The Lesson Are Designed To Be Interesting And Relevant To The Most Amount Of People.

How It Works

| "Get Yer Ass To Class!!!"

| "Get Yer Ass To Class!!!"

I Publish The Dates & Times

The Lessons Are Scheduled By Me At Specific Dates And Times (to be convenient for the most amount of people, based on the different time-zones around the world).

| "Get Yer Ass To Class!!!"

You Sign-Up For The Class

If The Topic Is Interesting To You — And The Day & Time Is Convenient For You — Then You Sign-Up For The Class.  (This is done in exactly the same way as you would register for, and attend a webinar.)

| "Get Yer Ass To Class!!!"

You Show Up & Participate!

You Show Up For The Class And Get Involved As Much As You Want To.  After The Class, You Will Receive A Link To Watch The Lesson Any Time That You Want.

(If you are not able to make it to the lesson — that’s okay.  You will still receive a link to the lesson that you missed.  You will also receive all the extra materials for the class, whether you show up or not!😉

"Get Yer Ass To Class!!!"

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