Individual One-On-One Lessons

English Lessons Tailored To Your Specific Needs

The One-On-One Lessons Are Designed According To Whatever It Is That You Need To Work On The Most:  Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing — Or All Four Of The Basic English Skills.

Similarly — The Style Of Lesson (Conversation, Grammatical Exercises, Speech & Accent Practice, etc.) Is Also Determined Before We Begin — To Cater To Your Specific Needs.

How It Works

| "Get Yer Ass To Class!!!"

| "Get Yer Ass To Class!!!"

We Have A "Discovery Call"

This is a short video or audio chat, on-line that lasts between 14 – 30 minutes — where-in we discuss your wants and needs.

| "Get Yer Ass To Class!!!"

We Decide On A Schedule

We discuss how many sessions you want & how often — and then we find the right schedule that fits for both of us (your preferences & my availability.)

| "Get Yer Ass To Class!!!"

We Begin Our Journey Together!

“Together” because — It is not just “me teaching you”.  It is as much of me learning about the various aspects of your life that relate to our lessons as well:  Work, School, Travel, or Life In-General.

(Of course, this sharing is only to the degree that you are comfortable.  If you ONLY want to talk about grammar, or pronunciation — then that is what we will do.😉

"Get Yer Ass To Class!!!"

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